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Export Promotion Councils of India – Benefits, Government Support.

export promotion councils of India and its benefits

Today, our topic of discussion is the Export Promotion Council. So, what exactly is EPC?

Export promotion councils are basically government-initiated authorities or government-aided authorities established to promote and support export from India in a particular product or service.

Today under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce there are more than 30 Export Promotion Councils (List of Export Promotion Councils)  and the apex body of Export Promotion councils is Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO ).

These councils help the export business by providing technical and industrial insights to their members.

For eg- If you want to start your export business, you have to register yourself in the export promotion council and obtain RCMC (Registration cum membership certificate) related to your product or service. This certificate is issued as a proof that any particular exporter is registered with the council/Board. In addition to RCMC there are a variety of certificates – such as certificate of origin, health or quality certificates etc. facilitated by EPCs.

EPCs are also promoting government schemes such as manufacturing product schemes or particular focus country schemes (bilateral trade pacts) and other schemes as promoted by the government of India.

How they help each sector:

export promotion councils support SME's

EPCs are organised or licenced as a community and are non-profit organisations. 

  • They organise educational & awareness webinars of sector specific developments, government rules & regulations, global issues, 
  • share information with exporters about black listed or defaulting buyers etc.
  • They also send Trade Delegations to other countries to evaluate market development for Indian products. 

Various Support Services facilitated by EPCs to Indian SME Exporters:-

  1. Guide in locating International Buyers, Importers, and New Market.
  2. Promote products and services in specific markets
  3. Offer business, export leads, and import requirements for specific countries.
  4. Locate Representatives / Buying and Selling Agents in other countries.
  5. Liaison with Government Agencies
  6. Guide in source Raw Materials, Machinery, Products, and Services for Investment Promotion and Equity Funding.
  7. Education for enhancement of Productivity and Quality
  8. Obtaining, Getting Market Development Aid (MDA)
  9. Organize Trade Shows/Exhibitions and Conferences
  10. Meets and Matchmaking for Buyers and Sellers
  11. Delegation to establish and expanding contacts
  12. Publication of newsletters and magazines
  13. Country-Specific Trade Policy Information

Export Promotion councils are critical to allow networking and spreading awareness among the Exporter community and especially SMEs. They also help circle back critical sector-specific issues to the Government.

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