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Should I consider selling products abroad via eCommerce Platforms?

a visual representation of what strategies make a successful digital marketing campaign. products get sold to its customers only after going through all these analysis and online campaigns.

How important is selling through Online Channels and eCommerce Marketplaces?

Over the years, the world’s population has been increasing on the internet and gives enough reason to market products and services online. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has immensely pushed various businesses over the world to have their space on eCommerce platforms. Over the next decade, for most businesses – be it B2C or B2B, eCommerce will be the most critical sales channel. This is already true for developed countries including China and developing countries such as India are catching up fast. 

Key consumer products exported by India  and key marketplaces in each country

India is a large exporter of products like precious stones, petroleum products, textiles, spices, and beverages over the world. Below is a snapshot of products that sell on eCommerce marketplaces across developed countries.

Namer of Countries Key consumer products exported from India Key marketplaces to sell digitally

Imitation and artificial jewellery, precious and semi-precious metals. India also exports various ranges of medical appliances, rice, and spices in food items. 

The USA is a hub to sell products digitally. The most popular e-commerce websites apart from Amazon are Walmart, Etsy, Jet, Rakuten. The Americans are fond of shopping on these websites which is because of the brand value they provide to them. There is also a scope to sell on Facebook and Instagram targeting the customers abroad and running some ads. 

Food items like rice, flours, tea & coffee, spices are exported in huge quantities to Canada. Handicrafts, gems, and pearls’ jewels, Indian textile products are in high demand in Canada. Also, machinery and electronic equipment constitute a large part of these exports.

eBay Canada, Best Buy Canada, 
Canadian Tire, Hudson’s Bay are some very popular local online shopping sites of Canada with huge turnovers and a number of active users. 
UKGems, pearls, metals, coins, pharmaceutical products, and electronic equipment are the principal items of exports from India to the UK.
Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Notonthehighstreet, and Etsy comprise most of the online marketing space in the UK. The first two have been the most trustworthy digital platforms to shop from by the people.
GermanyMostly food and beverages, leather, rubber, and textile products are exported to Germany in huge numbers from India. Germany also imports significant numbers of machinery and pharmaceutical products.

Amazon and eBay again top the list and have millions of active and daily users in the country. Idealo and Otto are the digital markets that follow them. 

Products like dyes, carpets, ready-made garments, footwear, and jewellery are massively exported from India to Italy, giving huge scope to the SMEs to produce and export their products.

Media world website the rank after amazon and eBay in Italy in digital marketing platforms. However, Instagram has beaten many countries like the USA and Japan in the number of users which gives a very high scope to the Instagram stores in India selling their products like handicrafts, clothes, etc.
AustraliaAgricultural products, garments, leather, and makeup products are the main products imported by Australia from India. Exports of engineering goods and machinery occupy a considerable percentage of exports from India tooeBay Amazon and Woolworths are enough websites to list your products at if you want to sell your products in Australia. These websites have the highest traffic for online shopping in the country.

Food items like rice, crabs, groundnuts and cashew nuts, beer are imported by Singapore from India.
Qoo10, Lazada, Zalora, and Carousell are the most used online shopping apps in Singapore. These websites are local and highly popular as digital markets. 

UAE trades with India with a worth of $60 billion, mostly comprising food items. However, huge amounts of iron and steel, mineral oils, floating structures like ships and boats, and apparel clothing are exported from India to UAE.
Sukar.com, Amazon. ae and Cobone are the primarily used websites in the UAE and have the highest daily active users in the country.

Petroleum products, chemicals, clothing, and accessories are mostly imported by Japan citing a big opportunity for small business enterprises since Japan is a country with huge purchasing power. 
Japan has been very popular lately for buying and selling products on Instagram and Pinterest. However, Amazon Japan, Rakuten, and Yahoo are very highly popular digital platforms to sell at in the Japanese digital markets.

Tips to market digitally in these countries

The emphasis on customer focus is the real key of marketing, whether digitally or physically. The objective should be to grab the attention of the prospects because on social media or shopping websites, there are a huge number of listings to choose from and the attention of them per product is very short. Thus, make sure that the pictures you upload of the products you are selling must be eye-catching. A lot of customers read the reviews of products and then consider buying them so make requests to your customers to give reviews and ratings about the products they buy. Another great tip would be to always write an attractive SEO based copy for the listed products, persuasive writing does a great deal to convince the consumers to buy your products. 

a small guide to increase customer base and stimulate sales. SEO, customer reviews, strategy, etc. are must use tools to boost eCommerce.

Impact of covid-19 on EXIM and eCommerce Platforms

Due to the lockdowns resulting from the spread of the covid-19, there has been a huge shift of services going and emerging online. Your online presence as a business such as copywriting, sales funnels, Google, and Facebook ads have become essential marketing tools in today’s times. 

 Over the last few years several eCommerce platforms have become critical sales channels, all the businesses have been going eCommerce way and Cross Border Trade is no exception. . People across the world are realizing the ease and advantages to purchase online In fact, the Exports of the small and medium businesses have grown manifold when they started eCommerce Channels.

Wrapping up

Selling through eCommerce Platforms for Cross Border Trade is an established and rapidly growing opportunity that is becoming a significant channel for every business. 

Start exploring and understanding the eCommerce channel for your exports business today.

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